Autumn Tomas

Autumn Tomas was born, raised, and lived most of her life in Yellow Springs, a small, liberal, artistic village in southwest Ohio, home to Antioch College and the first Antioch University. Autumn graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development from Antioch University and a master’s degree in Public Administration from Walden University. Her career started as a Toddler Teacher at small nonprofit childcare center in Yellow Springs and has focused on working children and families through service leadership in nonprofit educational and social services agencies in Ohio and Florida. In addition, Autumn’s professional background includes consulting work for local and federal agencies in the areas of development, monitoring, compliance, and grants reviews.
In 2005, Autumn left the cold weather of Ohio for sunny Jacksonville to take a coaching position with Episcopal Children’s Services (ECS), where she also found a home to raise her three children. Since then, she has worked in a variety of roles at ECS, including in Education, Health Services, Development, and now as the Vice-President of Head Start/Early Head Start at Episcopal Children’s Services. As the Vice-President, Autumn is responsible for administering 5 Head Start/Early Head Start grants in 12 North Florida Counties, providing early learning and social services to over 2,900 children and families, and leading a staff of over 500 people, all dedicated to serving those most at need.
In addition to her work, Autumn has volunteered for a number of nonprofits as Board and Committee member, including being on the City of Jacksonville’s Public Grant Council, the Yoga4Change board, and the Jacksonville Beach Pop Warner Board. Her extracurricular passions include reading, camping, biking, playing trivia, and being anywhere on or near water. Autumn was raised to believe that it truly does take a community to anything worthwhile and she lives by the motto from college, “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.” – Horace Mann